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Accommodations and Bookings

Each chalet incorporates a snug, heated indoor area for eating and sleeping, leading onto a spacious outdoor area. Unlike a lot of catteries we offer 24 hour access to fresh air for our cats, perfect for those night-owls who like to watch the night-time wildlife in the garden. The boarding of your cat includes food, bedding, bowls, litter and a litter tray. Each unit is given a full cleanse daily. Cats are creatures who take pride in keeping clean therefore our environment reflect this and we endeavour to keep it immaculate for them. Owners are welcome to bring their own blankets, bedding, toys and scratch posts as it can help cats settle in quicker. Please make sure all own belongings provided are suitably clean. Each chalet also has its own cupboard underneath to safely store pet carriers or any personal belongings such as treats or documents.


We provide most popular brands of wet and dry cat food ranging from Whiskas, Felix, Kitekat, Sheba, Go-cat, Purina, Iams and Gourmet. We always keep a stock of tuna and Dreamies for treats. We understand the importance of maintaining your cat’s regular diet. Prescriptive and specialist diets must be provided by yourselves.


We only accept full vaccinated cats, we have to be very strict on this! Your cat should be kept up to date with yearly standard boosters for cat flu and feline enteritis. Vaccination certificates must be on display whilst your cat is in residence with us, so you must remember to bring this document each time. If proof of vaccination is not provided we reserve the right to refuse entry.
Please also keep your cats up to date with flea treatment prior to arrival. Any cat found with fleas will have to be treated immediately on site and charged a fee of £10.


We are well experienced with and happy to administer a range of medications at no extra cost. Please provide written instructions for medications required whilst your cat is in residence and notify us prior to stay. We can inject diabetic cats given that they have been diabetic for a significant time, have a stable appetite and respond well to being injected.

Accommodation For Small Animals

We can now accommodate smaller animals in our reception area. Animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, degus, rabbits, rats and budgies. Cages/housing/hutches must be provided by owners and fit comfortably in our reception area.