Terms and conditions

  • Cats cannot be accepted for boarding without a valid and up to date vaccination certificate against Feline Enteritus and Cat Flu
  • We must be informed of any medical conditions prior to boarding. In the event of illness occuring we will seek veterinary advice at the owners expense.  We will endeavour to use your own vets in the first instance. Where not possible we will use our own emergency vets.
  • Cats over the age of 7 months must be neutered.
  • All cats must be up to date with reputable flea and worming treatment. If cats are found with fleas we will have to administer treatment at owners cost.
  • All cats must be transported in a sensible and secure boarding carrier. Which must be left on site during period of boarding.
  • Sharing of accommodation is only permitted to cats of the same household. We reserve the right to separate any cats that are deemed incompatible. Appropriate charges will apply.
  • 25% non-refundable deposit at time of booking